Joey Holthaus (1979) is an accomplished image artist in Interior & Design, Graphic Design & Advertisement for his company Haus of Joey.

Whether it concerns small private assignments or a dedication for bigger companies, Joey takes a mission beyond accomplishment with his experience, talent and enthusiasm. Since the start of Haus of Joey in 2011 clients come from myriad places, business cultures, and disciplines. Even within this diverse mix of assignments Joey retains a distinct personality and mode of illustration that resonate with the wishes of his client. As an image artist he is your mind translator. From research of the product, brand or company to the concepts of representation to the final overall images. In every step he will be your analyzer, consulter, presenter, mapper and the right artist to translate your mind.

For a man so many places to be, Joey built a solid foundation of confidence and coollness by growing up with a loyal group of friends at the countryside of the Netherlands. The days spend with his friends means for Joey a buzz of inspiration, a feeling of genuineness and expression of sincere interest. For Joey, quality time spending without the rush of daily life, and loyalty are very important values that carry through in his work as an artist.

A hallmark of Joey is his calm, though enthusiastic approach in creating illustrations/ images that accomplish the enterprise. Joey takes us into the narrative of a company or personal highlight with the simple pleasures of a perfect pitched illustration which empowers the story that must be told. The illustrations of Joey capture the essence of your mission, and communicate the message in a way everyone will enjoy.

Signature Joey Holthaus